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Off to the printers’!

urdrag-creatorToday I sent the files for Article Three to the printers’. In a couple of weeks I will have the finished book! It’s all very exciting and a bit frightening.

To know that I have readers waiting all over the world is almost surreal, and I’m so curious to what they will make of Levi, Ava, Leymah and their journey. I can’t wait for people to start posting response to Article Three, and tell me about their reading.

I’m truly grateful for the Bookstagram community, where I’ve found most of my readers. So many bookaholics have answered my plea for ARC-readers and responded to the first three chapters with entusiasm. I love the support I’ve gotten from people on Instagram as well.

Want to read an Advance Readers Copy of Article Three?

As the release of Article Three draws closer I’m looking for people interested in reading and reviewing the book. If you run a blogg, a booktube or an Instagram account dedicated to books and love dystopian stories you have the chance to read Article Three before it hits the bookstores.

Check out the description of the book and read the first three chapters here. If it sounds like something you would like, e-mail me your adress (or tell me that you rather read an e-book copy) to I will send you the book in October.

Reviews of the book can be posted on Goodreads, youtube, blogs or Instagram. I expect an honest review. As the book publishes in late November I will ask you not to do your review until the release date. After that there isn’t any deadline, you can publish your review when it suits you.

I hope you take the chance to get to know Ava. Levi and Leymah!

Getting started

Bild omslagMy vacation is over, and even though it’s August still I think that means that autumn has come. And this autumn my first novel will be released in English. It feels surreal.

I’ve been on Instagram in English (@anna_jakobsson_lund) for some time now, but I feel I need a more permanent platform as well. And this is it!

This week the translator will finish up with the last chapters of Article Three. After that there’s only revisions and proof-reading and layout to be done. That sounds like a lot, but I know it will be over in a flash. Soon the book will be ready to hit the shelves … of Amazon, that is. Not too much glamour in the world of the indie-publisher.

It’s going to be so much fun!