My novels

Bild omslagIn a world where the System governs everything, Ava’s a rebel – one who can control other people’s thoughts with her mind. As part of a resistance movement preparing for war, this is a useful skill.

Levi stopped believing in the struggle for freedom when it snatched his parents from him. Now he’s just trying to live a quiet life and control the voices threatening his sanity. One night Levi’s sister is arrested. To free her, he has to break old promises and become involved with people he swore he’d never associate with. Ava’s ordered to help him and, together, they leave on a rescue mission. She says he has to trust the rebels. But should they?

Article Three is the first book in a fast-paced dystopian trilogy. It depicts a society where every decision is made by a computer, where ideology and religion have been banned and your status is determined by how you perform in the tests done at school.

It tells the story of three young people travelling through a landscape in ruins, each one with their own reasons to want to succeed in the mission. And each with their own secrets.

Read the first three chapters here.